Consultations at Mauve are always free and strongly encouraged! We feel it is important to plan and discuss piercings with clients to answer all of their questions and to advise them of what to expect with their piercing. Never hesitate to book your consultation, even if you do not plan to be pierced soon after our meeting.

After the piercing is done I always schedule a follow up with my clients as I feel it is important for me to review the progress of the healing. I prefer to keep in contact after the piercing and always will be available to my clients for any questions they have.


One of the key elements to a successful piercing is the quality of the jewelry used for the initial piercing. At Mauve, we only use ASTM certified medical implant grade titanium (ASTM F136 & ASTM F 67) and steel (ASTM F138), high quality nickel free gold, niobium, and glass for our initial piercings. We strictly purchase our jewelry from high quality companies such as Anatometal, Body Vision Los Angeles, and Gorilla Glass for all components of our piercing jewelry. We do not just offer shiny ends or eyelets, all components are high quality! Many people who "price shop" for their piercing are finding lower prices in other shops which is usually due to an inferior quality of jewelry being used. Accept no substitutes! Only this type of jewelry should be used.


Another key element to a successful piercing is maintaining the aftercare as outlined in the aftercare sheets and in our post-procedure discussion. When you see me for a procedure I will always describe in full detail all of the steps for your aftercare and also outline exactly what you must use to take care of your piercing and what you must not use. I dispell myths about any "miracle cures" and ensure that you understand how you must adapt your behaviour to care for your piercing during the healing phase.

This is one point that all of my clients have been incredibly satisfied with; how I will take anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes in our aftercare discussion to ensure that you understand the procedure and to answer all of your questions. I will never just place a sheet in your hand and send you on your way!


The anatomy of each client must be analyzed to determine proper placement. It is not always possible that a piercing you see on someone else will be suitable for your anatomy. When I perform my procedures I want to give you a piercing that can last a lifetime, that is why I will refuse to place certain piercings that will not suit your anatomy.

Too often, piercings that may look good initially will not heal properly, eventually reject, or cause other issues (such as gum recession) as they should not have been pierced in that specific location in the first place. I will always advise of such concerns and offer an alternative!


Hygiene is of prime importance when performing a procedure and in shop maintenance. I go to great lengths to practice aseptic procedure when performing all of my piercings and in the storage of our instruments and jewelry. Our studio is meticulously cleaned daily, and our piercing area is cleaned and disinfected multiple times throughout the day. Our piercings are performed with sterile gloves and if any tools are used during the piercing procedure, they are discarded in a medical waste bin. No tool will ever be re-used for initial piercings!


Are you interested in tongue-splitting, implants, ear reshaping, or even suspension? Please contact me to discuss your idea further as I am able to put you in touch with the best in the business for this kind of work.